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A Blessing in Disguise #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

However, from that day onward his mind has been shaking on his friend and the association between them, thinking about different kinds of things. Then he brought to his mind what people used to say that no one could be trusted, for mothers do harm their

children. If mothers could be harming and killing their own children, children which they carried in their wombs for nine months and for some the pregnancy could exceed nine months, for properties why can friends not do such things to their partners. He was greatly

disturbed by this, but he keeps it behind his mind, saying he will not do anything stupid until more light is shed on what he has heard and dreamt about, for it may be enemies’ works to separate them because when enemies are seeing good things happening to people they will

be out to cause troubles among those people. He knows that as they have taken the island by storm with his friend, many people who have been in the system before do not like them, they do not like how they have overtaken them with many of their customers coming to them.

He therefore keeps it at the back of his mind, knowing how things would eventually turn out to be. Despite trying to hide all that has transpired in the midnight from his friend, he couldn’t hide it well for his friend noticed changes in his response to him in the morning.

However he was able to say it was due to some feverish feelings that he suffered during the night. His friend believes this and never suspected anything. He continues to watch his back and was not totally relying on his friend again like before. As he was doing this he

opens his ears and was watching. As time unfolds unknown people accosted him more than once to tell him that his friend was among those behind his childlessness and the need for him to separate himself from his friend if he wants to have children on earth. Since he has

been receiving signals from far and near, he had to contact his parents at home to brief them of the development and those people having listened to what he has said, told him that they also want to see their grandchildren however, he needs to be diplomatic in dealing with

the issue, he needs to apply wisdom to it, because all that they are saying has to deal with the spirit they are not physical things that one could use as evidence against his friend as the basis for the separation. He asks that they be given some counsels on how to go about the

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separation and they told him that he should tell his friend that he wants to incorporate his wife into his business, and if he will do that, he has to have a separate business because he cannot incorporate his wife into their business while he also is married. When he told them

that, he would have the locus standi to be separated from the man and subsequently afterwards he would be able to build another house and move away from the man. He was grateful for the counsel they have given him. In the meanwhile his friend has been suspecting

him and he knows that things are not going on as before between them. He has raised the issue with his wife, but his wife, has replied that he should not be preposterous that he should give his friend more time that he will come out of the depressive mood he is into. But the

man told his wife, that he is seeing a different man because since their childhood days he has not been acting like that. Few months after his visitation to his parents he called his friend that he does not know how to present what he wants to present, but he must present it, because he desires to involve his wife in his business.