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A Blessing in Disguise #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


They bought two plots of land and build two houses on the land. By this time they have been romantically involved with their respective spouses, and they make sure that they explain their partnership to their spouses, encouraging them to also love each other so that

their friendships will keep growing and their children would love one another as their parents have loved each other. Those ladies played along during the courtship period ensuring that they show partnerships, friendships, and commitment to each other. They were always

happy seeing this development believing that they have established what they have in mind to establish. They got married the same day to their spouses, and the wedding party was one on the island, because of the people it attracted from far and near. A year after their

wedding, the wife of one of the friends put to bed, while the wife of the second person has not taken in let alone thinking of when she will put to bed. Eighteen months after this the woman again puts to bed her second child while the other woman is yet to take in. when this

happened, the people started counselling the lady who has not taken in to check herself. The lady asks of what she needs to do, and the people told her that she needs to go to the herbalist house to know what the cause of her problem is, for they believed what she is

passing through was not ordinary. The lady does not see it like that, thence she does not listen to them. however pressure keeps coming to her from all sides, and she has to give in to what the people are suggesting as she went to the herbalist to make some consultations. When

she got to the herbalist’s house, she was told that her husband’s friend was the one behind the problem of her childlessness and except she and her husband leave their apartment they shall remain childless all their days on earth. She initially did not attach importance to what


the herbalist has said because she knows her husband will not believe it if she told him. Some months after visiting the herbalist, the husband also dreamt a terrible dream in the dream he saw that his friend was chasing him with matchet in his hand wanting to kill him.

He was about getting to him and he wakes up from his dream panting. He woke his wife who slept beside him up, telling him the dream. The woman sighed, saying “could this be true after all?” The man asks what could be true? That was when she told him how people

have been talking to her of the need to find out what could be responsible for their childlessness and the place she has gone to she has been told by the herbalist that her husband’s partner has been the brain behind her childlessness because he wants all you have

to be theirs’. How? He asked. When we do not have children, and you die, I would be forced out of this building and he will possess everything. That is not possible her husband because everyone knows we have been working together. Do not say it is not possible, what

matters is the papers to the building and the land, and when you die, it would be easy for him to change the names on those documents, apart from that, you know in our island, women do not have rights to her husband’s inheritance, and since I do not have issues, I will

not have rights to your inheritance which would eventually be converted to theirs’. The man on hearing this was confused, asking why his friend would be doing that now, because they have weathered everything together since their childhood days and he never does

anything like that, why now? The woman replies, there is only one answer to the question he is asking and it is that his wife has polluted his mind, because of her jealousy. The man could not believe her, he says, he will yet not believe this.