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A Blessing in Disguise #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Dr. Seyi Ajao and Segun, two Jolly friends at Dinner night in Ilorin, Nigeria.

Dr. Seyi Ajao and Segun, two Jolly friends at Dinner night in Ilorin, Nigeria.

They have been friends for long, people call them, “2 and 3”, because wherever you see one, look around and you will find the second person and or if the second person is not around he must be on his way to the place. That is how they have been living their lives since

their childhood days, during the time when the westernized education has not swept the island as it is at the moment. Though their fathers’ farms are far from each other and they do go to farm with their fathers, however, they still create time to see each other. On the

occasion when their fathers’ ask them to do some works on the farm maybe because of ill health, or some other reasons like their fathers’ attending to other businesses on the farm land, one will call the other to help on the farm work, and after jointly working on one’s

farmland to finish it earlier than schedule, because of the mutualism they have inputted into the work, the second will follow his friend to his farm to work there. They work together, their joint work usually help them a lot, for when other colleagues are still struggling with

their farm works, they would have finished theirs. At a time they both reasoned that they need to add a work to the farm work, because their parents are looking older than their ages because of farm work, they do not want theirs’ to be like that, and they decided that the best

thing for them to do was to tell their parents that they shall love to learn a trade so that they will not be totally dependent on the farm work. After reaching this conclusion they contacted their parents and told them that they will want to learn a trade because they do not like what


they used to experience sometimes when things are not going on well in the farm, but if they can add some other works to the farm work that would be better. Their parents’ agreed with them asking them which type of work they would love to learn. They both agreed that

they shall learn welding, constructing things with irons. Such work is yet to be common in the island, their parents agreed to send them to the nearby island which is more civilized than theirs’ to learn the work there. They were elated for this development and left the island for

the place to learn the trade. The agreement reached with their Master was that they would learn the work for four years and do apprentice with the man to gather some money for another one year after which they will go and establish theirs’. Four years was like four days

before them because they really enjoyed their master. After they finished their training and apprenticeship, they established their workshop at a place, and named it “Two Jolly Friends Venture”. Because they are good in what they are doing, the people of the island start

to patronize them. They have been living in the same room since they moved to the island. Soon enough they become the talk of the town in what they are doing. As the saying of the island that it is when it is raining that one can fetch rain not after the rain has stopped.

They reasoned among themselves that they have to build a house. However on further deliberations, they agreed that they have to build two houses because when they get married, their wives may not understand the relationship between them as they have understood each

other, and even if their wives try to understand them it is certain that women would not understand each other, women are special kinds of people, they are different from men. Therefore, they decided that they will build two houses, one for each of them and would not be far from each other.


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