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A Blank Light White And Blue Screen

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What Do You Mean?

There has to be a mistake

I am sure there is someone out there at this moment

Thinking what I am thinking

Could everyone be busy?

I know we are not all sleeping

Even though we may be sleepy

Some people are working

Other people are cooking

Then even a few people are doing chores around the house

Then we have those t.v. watchers and movie fanatics

That brings me to all the great lovers in the world

I know what they are doing

That is wonderful

We should all learn from them

If we were busy pleasing each other

We wouldn't find the time hurting people as we do

Well I still have a blank screen

It is a photocopy of my brain

I never got to see such a clear view

There are so many gamers on the computer

Then there are even more Facebook users and Twitter accounts

Simultaneously going non-stop

My mind at this point will reach its the breaking point

One step away from ready to explode

Information overload

I think I will join my cat in a little nap

Giving my mind time to rest

Shut down mode

Like my phone almost out of battery life

I have to go put it on charge

I think we need those blue days

They make us realize

How special the great days are

Pleasant dreams and in a world

Where we all can agree on one thing


We can't live without it

It is still free

I hope you are like me

I love it so much

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