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A Blank Day


You Fill In The Blank

For me, it is so pleasing to the ears and soft on the eyes

A day that rolled in like a cloud with a bang of thunder

Ends with the soft sound of leaves rustling

All the day through it was interesting and quite amusing

There was not one funny moment to be specific

There were times of joy

A deep laugh held in by the next breath

As I looked around everyone was so busy

Even though everyone seemed to be doing nothing

I must have missed the memo

I ran a little behind towards the end of my shift

Things got done like they always do

It's like someone sprinkled a little magic

When things have to

They all come together

The results all in

I sit here and I am pleasantly satisfied with the outcome

Our cat comes up next to me

She is great moral support

Even though now was the time she decided to clean herself

I guess it is always better to have a clean cat

My drive home was nice

I called my wife and we talked most of the way home

We talked about retirement and even though it could be five to ten years away

It is so nice to dream

We are getting up there in years

It is good to see all the pros and cons

We want to enjoy our life while we are young

While we are still able to do so much

Doing many things our parents never got to do

Off to dreamland

Where everything seems so much fun


DREAM ON (author) on July 07, 2021:

Perspycacious It was a nice and warm in the heart kind of day. I was hoping each person would fill in their own words in the blank. I kind of hinted at it. Not clear enough. Sometimes we just can't put our finger on it. When I was writing the title I thought if I left out a word it would not look finished. So I decided to use the word blank to show I want to put in a lot of different words where one would never do. Making it exciting and interesting. Anticipating something great. Not in a hurry to see it go either. But like all days they have to end sometime. I hope your day was beautiful and filled with lots of special times. Maybe we just can't put all days in words but I know we can certainly try. Thank you for reading my poem and seeing it through to the end. Have a lovely night. 30 hours after still loving that day so much.

DREAM ON (author) on July 07, 2021:

Marlene Bertrand I wish we could dream the time we spend awake and be awake the time we sleep. That would make me so very happy. More time loving the beauty and health benefits of life. I think we would be better all the way around. We could think before we acted and maybe make better choices. Less time to get in to trouble and make mistakes. With more sleep we would all could live a longer life with less stress. Now I just have to find companies that will pay their employees to get that extra shut-eye. I enjoy your sweet comments. I spend more and more time thinking and real life has a way of crowding us in. So many people are in a rush. I try to slow it my pace down and learn to relax and spend more time contemplating on my next move. So even my comments come many days later. I go home every night and read the same comments over and over. Until one day I stop and write what comes from the heart, not from the mouth. I either have gone crazy or I am on to something. If they don't lock me up and put me in a straight jacket I will be able to write another poem. I receive so much joy from words that express new and old thoughts. I have received no monetary value for all my poems. I have something so much more.... A bond and a connection that is more important. Money comes and goes. Friends hang around for life. Thank you so much for all that you do. I am glad I could make you smile. Dream away. You will not only be happy you did but you will have more energy for everything else in your life. Have a great night. 31 hours later.

Perspycacious on July 06, 2021:

Sounds as if the blank day was full.

Marlene Bertrand from USA on July 06, 2021:

I enjoyed today's poem. And, everything is more fun in dreamland. I should visit it more often.

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