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A Blank Canvas

Rectangle light past tense point of view
Every turn taken; some mistaken
Rising apart from one another, take a look
Every love, every loss
Once caring, now forsaken

Latitude, longitude, diagonal
What difference where it's placed?
Every moment all at once, take a look
Every desire, every misery
Once driven, now a waste

She was green
She was purple
She was red
She was only
She was because
She was instead

Measured against the light
My life is somebody else’s art
Which friends to know, take a look
Every laugh, every sorrow
Once together, now apart

I wanted a symphony
But it was a poem instead
What did I ever say, take a look
Every flower, every desert
Once walking, now in bed

She was pink
She was yellow
She was blue
She was change
She was hard
She was you

Every road I’ve been down
I never knew when they started
Only when they ended, take a look
Every hope, every pain
Once real, now departed

Every love I’ve ever felt
It’s still there you have to believe
You’re inside of me; take a look
Every kiss, every tear
Once we loved, now we grieve

She was black
She was grey
She was white
She was sun
She was moon
She was light