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A Blackboard Tale


A blackboard was introduced to a wee little girl,

Poetry flowed as she held a chalk so tight –

Nonsense mostly about kings visiting

and munching on puffed rice,

Bizarre stories of a lamppost and a hat.

White scribbles on a black surface

shone bright and glad

as she sat for hours

and chalked down tales so rad.

A dog called Laika inspired

a sudden burst of ambition –

‘Off to the moon!’ I wish to fly

An astronaut all dressed in a space suit

It involved mathematics and physics too.

Absurd equations decorated the board

Fancies flew towards space and moon.

‘Can I fly to the sun too?’

‘Oh, then you will fry, won’t you?’

‘What if the sun likes me

and makes an exception to let me through?’

Laughs from her parents

and a ‘maybe he would’

But you will need to study

to grow old and succeed as you could.


Off to the moon!

An aspiration so bold

Poetry and science

All on the same black plane

of longitudes and latitudes.

How about the North Pole?

Don’t Eskimos live there?

I would like to meet one

and play with the polar bears,

Fly along the icicles and

shake away the droplets from nose edge.

Dreams and dramas club to form

Wild imagination all fresco clad

A hazy and then a strong storm

of baby steps into a woman mad

To see the universe and

lap up the mysteries to be had.

© 2019 Tiyasha Maitra