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A Birthday Prayers To My Father @ 80 Years Of Existence

Rosualdo is just an ordinary person with an extraordinary God, who wants to spread God’s words and love through writing articles and poems.


As we are grateful for the Lord for your 80 years of existence,

My prayer for you is that you will appreciate his abiding presence,

You will understand his undying and enduring patience,

And you will be grateful for his abounding and substantial providence,

As you reached and arrived at 80 years of living and habitation,

My prayer for you is that you will know God’s great love and compassion,

You will learn and discover his awesome plan and intention,

And you will receive and possess the gift of salvation

As the graceful 80 years embrace your life’s journey,

My prayer for you is that you will be filled, satisfied, and happy,

You will be provided complete with strength and energy,

And you will be loaded with peace and be freed from trouble and worry

As the blessed 80 years arrives in your life and take a powerful hold,

My prayer for you is that you will surrender your life to the Lord,

You will become a part and member of God’s household,

And you will be reconciled to God and be back to his fold

As you live in the meaningful 80 years of life’s experience and event,

My prayer for you is that you will be set free from hatred’s enslavement,

You will dwell on the ease and freedom of mercy’s confinement,

And you will live in the presence of God’s joyful compartment

As the presence of the great grace and mercy of 80 years,

My prayer for you is that you will not be shaken by the disturbing fears,

You will survive and endure the pain, sorrows, and tears,

And you will settle and live in God’s saving and protecting cares

© 2022 Rosualdo Ponce

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