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A Birthday Ode to Lee

Raizen is a high school student with numerous awards relating to poetry and literature as well as a literary writer for the journalism club.


I know someone, that I've known for a while
You can always see him with a big smile
With a voice that's even more iconic
Once you get to know him, he's a classic

He's President Perfect, not Helpless
And you'll be Satisifed, with nothing less.
When with him, it's never Ordinary!
You'll be Back with his charms and flattery

It's you're day! fellow child of Apollo,
With best wishes for your bright tomorrow!
As you celebrate, your special birthday
There are a few things we just want to say

You don't need to take all things seriously
And you really don't have to know it all
When you can't say what you want exactly
It's okay! We'll be with you through it all

When you can't ever tell us your feelings
You don't need words, when a smile say it all
And if this world won't give you your ending
We wouldn't care, if you don't achieve it all

Just stay this way, imperfectly perfect
With your dramatic personality!
For a friend that has always been with me
I hope we'll still be, for eternity

© 2022 Raizen Richard Sanchez

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