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A Bird That Tweets

"Please say it ain't so"!

"Please say it ain't so"!

Tweets are to be most suited for birds,

Not a communication in a conversation.

Those who tweet may think its so sweet,

But not appropriate as any grand oblation.

Tweeters all can't be so serious of intent,

Only are those half-hearted in the content.

While sly old roosters, on the other hand,

May find them a spot, most any rock band.

Not becoming for those, of a responsibility,

Seems so unrespectable, no respectability.

Being disrespectful can't gain anyone fame,

Especially when you're all behind in a game.

Well, it'sTweetle-de-dum or tweedle-de-dee,

Which corny report shall you pick, it to be?

Just who started this tweeting, let me know,

My parakeet says "Please tell me it ain't so."

You don't ever have to be a little Tweetie-bird,

Written language, a reason all went to school.

If folks in the know, don't want to live in shame,

For goodness sakes, please say its new name.

Texting, talking, posting or writing, to communicate,

All humans are not fowls, don't forget to punctuate.

"Give a hoot, Be human, to boot"!

"Give a hoot, Be human, to boot"!

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