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A Bird Sanctuary Exists Outside My Front Door

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


I Am a Birdwatcher

I've seen them all in and around my property: bluebirds, blue jays, red robins, red-headed woodpeckers, swallowtail kites, crows, hawks, and even the not-so-pretty vultures. I find every category of bird interesting in its own way. I find the beauty in the livelihood of their survival.

There are so many that I have seen in my yard. Some types like the blue jay and blackbird will visit me daily. I watch them play games with the cats. It is so funny! These birds are actually teasing these felines.

I also watch in amazement as the blackbird chases the blue jay or vice versa. At first, I thought it was an aggressive flight, but as I saw the same two birds at the exact same time every day, I knew, somehow, these two different birds had become playmates.

Hummingbirds suckling the bottle brush tree beside my porch, the bees that swarm them, and even the squirrels are so incredible to sit and wonder at, but the birds make me feel majestical. It is the birds that have an angelic aura and spiritual flight.

I doodled this little bird a few years back. Reminded me of one of the birds in my yard.

I doodled this little bird a few years back. Reminded me of one of the birds in my yard.

The Arrival of the Birds

They perch around me up in

The trees. I would like to think

They fly in just to visit with me.

Though, I know they are just passing

By. Resting in this yard that has left

Green leaves alive.

I tilt my head to the side and lay

It on the weathered porch armrest

While watching the birdies whimsical

And carefree conquests.

Sing me a song oh birds “I pray.”

So that I can find freedom--

Will you not stay?

The Essence of the Birds

Oh, Universe, you must send the

Balladry birds back to me every new day.

Lend them out at dawn and dusk.

I must soar in their colors during

The foggy mornings and the departure

Of the orange half-seen sun.

The exquisite swallow-tailed kites

Flew by yesterday, 1-2-3- in a circle

steady to the wind like the skydiver’s flight.

Later, on Tuesday, I found a puffy little blue jay

peeping away next to a conifer vine. Backing up

ever so quietly--This I knew--Mother bluebird

would be swooping in soon.

The Nature of the Birds

There are things in nature that should

Not be touched, even if we feel a need to

Help--we must not.

Sight is your tool to find the treasures

You seek, in nature and the world

It all boasts a history.

Look to find spiritual messages intertwined.

Like The blackbird that flies throughout

Time---Straight--beside a power line.

I know there is a secret.

To its movement—steady and

Precise at exactly 6 pm in the


The Silent Secrets of the Birds

Could the birds be my messengers of

Strength? Do they stay because they

know of my exit fates?

Are they angels in the best worldly forms?

Colorful artistry—beautiful patience!

I believe they know of me--my life of extreme


Surrounding me with the purity of the real

World and gifting me the verity I require. The

Wisdom of the wild—shall I say… The truth of

The trees as per-se.

Wait for them… Study the beauty of

Their flights—their presence. Capture

The true meaning of their ascending


And then, soar in the calmness of

The symphony of the birds inside the

natural silence of our earth.

© 2022 Missy Smith

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