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A Beautiful Moment: Prologue

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

His name was Alex.

He was my everything.

A bright spot in a suffocating sea of darkness.

That darkness was my life,

A darkness I created myself,

But he shined his light

And collapsed it all.

He sported pale white skin

Which seemed strikingly apparent

When compared to my ebony skin.

Dirty blonde hair,

Always the perfect length,

With a fashion style

Birthed by a rainbow.

A smidge taller than I,

And a smile that forced anyone in its radius

To smile as well.

He was my best friend.

My savior.

My love.

He awakened me to feelings

I didn’t know I had.

These feelings were “sinful.”

“Nothing but gross lust,”

Were the words of others,

But they fell on deaf’s ears.

I was in love,

If it was sin,

Then let hell be my next home.

Gross, then let it be an ugly love,

No matter,

For it was love all the same.

I was ready to tell him.

Reveal my feelings,

And my newfound sexuality,

To the world,

Without care of the various opinions following,

Until, unwantedly,

Tragedy arrived.

A brutal car crash,

Few were left unscathed

Most were left injured,

Severity ranged,

But one

Only one had died:

My everything.

Maybe God realized his mistake

In allowing an angel to roam the Earth.

An angel unappreciated by many,

But not by me.

Why did You take him away from me,

Non-existent man in the clouds?

If this is all a part of Your plan,


Let my next action follow it to a T.

Goodbye cruel Hell

Which the ones asleep call the world.

Please pills,

Prolong my sleep to infinite,

And allow my love to guide me,

Guide me to find Alex in the unknown beyond.

Is what I hoped would occur.

But life is never that clear cut.

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