A Beautiful Crime

Updated on November 24, 2017
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Shafqat Mushtaq is author of poetry book 'Spring Thoughts: in summer light.' He has 3 year experience as Freelance Writer, and Essayist.

Along that bank of river Pohru
Silence breaks by chirping of birds
Echoes sounds, the river-side evening,
Heard far away amid the noise of roads
Of bleat of silly cars honk-honk.
Babbling water flows striking rocks
Face feels cool waves.
Between dense poplars and willows,
In lush green patch I stand.
In the company of grazing cows,
When crows fly back home.
Golden-shell jumping in the river,
Cool gusts after sunset strike the eyes.
Some branches do sweep all away,
Yellow leaves and dead branches!
Rain drenches blue sky clean
Clouds sense as cotton bulbs,
In the reflection of the river.
White and blue flowers bloom
Along the banks of that mighty stream.
Boats heading upstream, veiled in mist
To catch the bright golden fish.
Charming was that scene by river ...
Now polythenes and dirt-heaps hurt,
Floating over the pure water,
Killing fishes swimming in water.
Food and stool flowing through river,
Molests the chastity of purity!
Many men commit a beautiful crime,

Demolishing all natural life!

© 2017 Shafqat Mushtaq


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