Notes to Zee Kay

This poem is the result of seeing a post and the words of my response inspired this poem


The Alternatives

Poetry about alternative we choose out of choice or out of compulsion..


Father - A Poem - A Tribute To All Wonderful Fathers on Father's Day

.... Father is the cool shelter for solace in life, Father is the sail to progress in life, Father is the unfailing anchor against storms in life, Father is the powerhouse of the family .... Happy Fahter's Day - today and everyday!!


Poetry: A Tribute for Father's Day

Poetry: A Tribute for Father's Day is an article with two poems. I let this day sneak up on me, but I tried to jot down a few notes. Fathers day is a day we are thankful for our dads, but I hope we all find reasons to be grateful on every day throughout the year.


Poetic Challenge (Part 1)

A handful of online poetry challenges I found interesting enough to participate in.


Energy Taken Away

Poem. When was your lowest point in life? Did you have energy?



Many days have passed since the birth of the sun. I'm alone now Up in the sandy mountains. Down below, There is the serpentine river and the treacherous desert.


Faithful Lyrics From the Beach 6

The 6th installment of faith based lyrics written from home at the Jersey shore.


Mushrooms After the Rain

In the midst of many worries, in an uninvited screech If everything is fine, you will surely ask me. Usual meditation; what if My problems grow like mushrooms after rain. Maturity does not want to leave and childhood does not stay. Despite all the awareness, Yet I wandered in the past.


Unfair Speed

Poem about someone speeding up your speed, but you are not ready for it.

Poem: MOM

Waking up in the morning I think of all the chores, all the cooking Moaning in complaint but nevertheless stretching. Snapping the sleep away and my spirit dampening With gloomy face I walk in a daze Into the kitchen for breaking the...


She Watched from Her Window

What makes your world is what you believe in. The spirit world is real for many who have suffered a loss of a lover, parents, a child or relatives. It is the faith we will see them again. True love never dies--you heard it as a spirit whispers his/her good-byes.


Sunshine: Brenda Arledge Poetry Prompt Response 15

A few words on this week's theme.


Poem-Sweet Memories of Your Childhood Come Back to Me Again-Response to Brenda Arledge ‘s Word Prompt “Memories”

Parents’ love for their children is unconditional and unique. They spend a considerable part of their lives nurturing and caring for their children, striving to make their children good people. In the process they also create good childhood memories for them. Children always look up to their parents


Titled - 'With You Besides Me' - A Poetry About Love

There is no feeling other than love. This poem portrays a beautiful love story conveyed through a girl's heart. You will surely go on a romantic road after reading this.


The Lonely Story of a Man Asking for a Second Chance

This is a short poem about love of someone asking for a second chance


Lady Chatterley's Stressors

It's about someone who lived in-between the lines in life and enjoyed it because it worked for them. Decided to not focus on the stress of living on either side. Never managed to succeed that way.


My Often Unspecific Urges for a Creative Self-Expression

Self-expression may be intended to look presentable enough to be shared, or spontaneous and careless, and to be just silently acknowledged in its genuine, imperfect hamanness.


Poem: Buried Treasure / Response to Brenda Arledge's Word Prompt Week 17, "Memories"

Buried Treasure / Response to Brenda Arledge's word prompt week 17, "memories" is my response to this week's word prompt. "Buried Treasure" offers us a glimpse of the past inviting us to be immortal for a moment. While "Building Blocks" takes us on a journey time left behind.


Member of the Lunatic Fringe

It's about someone who tried for years to get on the inside of perfection and realized that it simply wasn't worth the hassle. Believed that it was better to simply let it all hang out.


Sugar Market Crash

It's about someone experiencing the duality that life sometimes offered. Looking for sugary substitutions to sustain when spirits and energy flagged at worst possible moments. Focused on smaller pleasures to keep going.


Hermit Crab Shuffle

It's about someone who seemed to separate from the rest of the pack. Wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. Decided to not let it become a problem and to simply ride the wave for now.


Tatanka: Poetry Inspired by a Billy Buc Photo

Bison once roamed these lands in tremendous numbers. They are still here, and though their numbers are not nearly what they used to be, they have returned to a most revered status.


A Mother's Tale - a Poetic Gesture to Express Feelings of a Mother

A poem that will help you take a deep dive into a mother's life. From how a women's life changes from being a daughter to wife to a mother. Words flow in a free verse poem which is also rhyming at a few places.


Timeless Beauty

An acrostic poem inspired by Brenda Arledge's prompt "Memories"



I quit my job and some of my dreams I left the prestige and half the money Stupid transit visa (colleague) I gave up everything for what? To write the two letters without two lines


The Book of My Life ~ Old Memories Linger (a Poem)

This narative poem is my response to the weekly word prompt "Memories."


Fate-Whatever Happens In Your Life

Whatever happens in your life, whatever fate throws your way be strong and live life with a song in your heart and courage to find your way.


Thou Has Dealt With Me

From the book of Bible, some of the comforting word from our God..


Deep Silence!!!!

THE DEEP SILENCE!!! The silence never settled the things between us, the silence distanced us because when you couldn't understand I couldn't explain. This silence has distances our relationship


Poetry for Kiddos

A handful of children's poetry I have written and why I think kids will enjoy them.


A Little Girl’s Prayer

When a new baby is born into a family it is a blessing; and a learning experience for the little sister who came first. I can relate to this as I was the little sister who came first. When a large bird flew over I would chase it to see if it landed; thinking it's a stork with my new brother/sister.

I Felt It

i felt it, your lingering hold like a phantom kiss on my too cold bones


Predominantly Black Coffee Mood Setting

It's about someone looking for silver lining after a series of dark clouds plagued them. Sorting through the rough in order to find the true gems of existence and not the fake ones in disguise.


Celebrate What?

When it comes to Black Solidarity Day many people's response is Celebrate What? A typical answer that will continue to stifle the true potential of being unified...


All I Have Left (A Poem)

How a woman dealt with the pain when the love of her life left her


Rain Again - A Poem

Rainy memories .... .... Monsoon is perhaps best spent sitting by the window, Watching rain come and go – Like the passing showers of Life.