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9/11 Poem


September 11, 2001 will live in our memories and hearts forever. The tragedy change the way we looked at the world around us.

Americans have learned many lessons from the catastrophe. We know we are not invincible or immune to terrorism and evil.

I was a teenager when the event happened. I remember the fear that I felt for the country and how scared I was to go just go home from school.

9/11 left many people in shock. It also cost the nation billions of dollars in loss revenue. The tragedy also made individuals depressed especially those who lost love ones and helped in the recovery effort.

Today, I have written a poem on the subject. I first pen the poem shortly after the tragedy twenty years ago when I was 15. Here is my poem about the event.

United Still We Stand

It all started on a bright and sunny day

Who knew the lives of thousands would

end this way.

Children, mothers and fathers never got

to reach their destination

But, America united we must stand

as a nation

To be the voice, the hands and tears of the

innocent ones who did not get a chance to speak, to fight

but only to die and

to utter to their family members their final good byes.

Yes, America has fallen to its knees over this

awful tragedy caused by man

The terrorists have taken so many precious lives

but they could never take away our great

American pride.


America United Still We Stand.


Where were you on 9/11? What memories to you have about the catastrophe? Did you live in New York or any of the states where the tragedy took place? How did 9/11 make you feel? Did you know someone directly affected by the event. Please leave your comments below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you?

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