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Withal of compliance
Demeanor faceted allotting bias
Trees withering memoirs
Delicacies, traitors in tin ware

Schemes in its seams, worn it
out publicity, scorned
How can we be selfless as sheep
unless as the new born?

Cramming cornered nooks
Into a shanty o' lullaby
Kept the crisper of rigor mortis,
companion of the unoccupied

Swelling tongue of a sweet talker
Mimics betrayal in his teeth
How could a Rembrandt re-mark
Or travesty travels cease?

Lighter dalliance portrait adoration
Blessing, dispelling rings
Aberration upon rocks in time
The climber’s intel, vial things

Parchment met diagnostics
and houses built we sing
Collaborating the spectrum inabilities
And defining ropes for pulling

© 2018 Courtney Grant

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