Updated on February 8, 2018

Ryan Cornelius

First 3 days

It was February 7, 2018.
When I saw you and desired you to be.
You to be the girl by my side.
I immediately started to visualize.
Visualize me and you.
Doing what's right and true.
The way that you smiled and walked.
You were just a work of art.
I thought of you before going to sleep.
I thought of you so much I couldn't eat.
But I wasn't going to bed hungry.
I sat up after eating.
After allowing my food to digest.
I kindly laid my head to rest.
On February 8, 2018.
I woke up and saw it was no dream.
You really existed.
I thought I was just dreaming.
I attempted to walk up to you.
Finding different ways to approach you.
I didn't think I was your type.
Before I stepped to you I needed might.
I reluctantly walked forward.
You never saw that I was nervous.
I said hi and you said it back.
I knew that I started on the right track.
Later on that night.
I decided to approach Christ.
I asked GOD what is it about you.
He answered me with his holy truth.
He told me to lie down and sleep.
Soon as I closed my eyes he answered me.
On February 9, 2018.
It was very eager to see.
To see you again.
I had gained more confidence.
Things looked more clear.
I felt my bride is right here.
I desired you even more.
I felt that you're all I searched for.
You will fulfill all my desires.
I plus you equals power.
Me seeing you these three days.
Confirms that there's coming a change.
Seeing you is not an accident.
I consulted GOD to confirm it.
That dream told me you're mine.
You'll be more than my Valentine.

Rashunda Spencer

Second 3 days

It’s February 12, 2018.
You and I are already dating.
We had a nice weekend.
One that I took pride in.
I enjoyed looking into your eyes.
While you gazed back into my eyes.
You and I looked great together.
I guarantee that this week will be better.
I feel like we’ve grown.
To levels, that’s not often known.
Not often known until a few years.
I learned about your fears.
I learned about your mother.
I learned about your father.
I found out what you loved to eat.
I heard your soul telling me.
That it needs what is inside me.
That I’m the man you’ve been seeking.
That I’m the man that heard you cry.
That I’m the man that will help you fly.
No, I wasn’t ignoring you.
Just allowing your soul to reveal the truth.
Despite our chemistry.
The gentleman within me.
Wouldn’t allow me in your home.
I'm not taking advantage of a queens throne.
On February 13, 2018.
I woke up knowing.
Knowing that you did the same.
My soul told you my pain.
You knew I had surgeries.
Before I even turned 30.
You knew they were major.
You knew God gave me favor.
You saw me crying at nights.
You saw me watching porn late nights.
You saw me depressed.
You saw me using things to relieve stress.
You knew how I grew up.
You knew that my dad gave up.
Gave up when I was a child.
When you told me, tears fell down.
Tears fell down my face.
I was in an emotional state.
I cried uncontrollably.
I could hardly focus on working.
I put it on hold.
I heard more when I got home.
You realized I was stressed.
I needed freedom, not sex.
You prayed for me to be free.
Now I’m sure you’re qualified to be.
It is Valentines Day.
I just take the time to say.
That I learned to love you in little time.
You were learning at the same time.
You saw my soul. I saw your soul.
We both recognized the struggles.
We both wanted each other free.
While looking into each other's eyes.
We saw one another's lives.
We both prayed for each other.
You helped me get through my struggles.
As a male, I was made to be with a female.
Not just anyone, but one who helps me prevail.
I found what I have been seeking.
With this ring, I ask you to marry me.

A man should not sleep the woman he loves before marriage.

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    © 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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