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7 Fascinating Poets You See, at a Poetry Reading

Ravi is a traveler and foodie who loves to visit off-the-beaten-track places and understand the culture, history and customs behind them.

Some Fascinating Poets You See, at a Poetry Reading

Some Fascinating Poets You See, at a Poetry Reading

Poets come in all varieties, and the best way to become acquainted with them is by going to a poetry reading. There, you will experience the pleasure of listening to a poet read his or her work for at least 45 minutes straight(sometimes even longer !!).

And here are some great poets I experienced at various poetry readings.

The drunk poet

Whiffs of liquor breath,

intoxicate my golden words.

no vodka, no poem.

The emotional performance poet

Eyelashes on fire,

my poems become fiery balls.

mouthed incessantly.

The poet who actually wears all black

I live my poems,

dressed in myriad shades of black.

Black is beautiful.

The poet who thinks everything is beautiful

Beauty is everywhere,

even in the viscous mucus

of your runny nose.

The poet who shamelessly self-promotes her chapbook

Persistence is the key,

my aim for the day is simple.

Sell at least two chapbooks.

The spiritual poet

My poems are magic,

my own teachings of Jesus,

Or was it Buddha?

The self-entitled poet

I am a diamond,

surrounded by poetic chaff,

but in my fantasies.