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6 Things I Wish I Could Say


Emma Lipinski


6 Things I Wish I Could Say to the People Who Gave up on Me

  1. I’m sorry.

I tried to be good enough this time,

But I guess I came up short

I’m sorry that my pain and insecurities were too much for you to handle

I am sorry to myself,

That I thought you could

I never meant to be a burden.

I am sorry if I was.

But most of all I’m sorry that I gave you the power to make me say that I am sorry.

  1. You hurt me.

Whether you meant to or not,

You hurt me.

I have been broken,


Stepped on,

Run over.

I trusted you with all of my heart and now

I know that was a mistake.

I should be used to this

But I am not.

Your giving up,

Your leaving,

Only added to my scars

And hurt me yet another time.

  1. I miss you.

You were a big influence in my life,

Obviously you were because I still think about you

And what you did,

And what you said,

And that you left.

Without you everything is different.

Whether it is you or the consistency I miss,

I do not know.

I do know that what they say is true,

You can miss something and not want it back.

  1. I forgive you.

I will not forget.

You can run me once, but I will never let it happen twice.

Some of us may start again,

And some of us will not

But either way,

it will never be the same

  1. Thank you.

for telling me that I was not good enough,

That I could not achieve,

That I would not make it.

Thank you,

For leaving me and teaching me that I deserve so much more.

It is because of you that I am motivated,



Where I am today.

  1. I wish you could see me now.

© 2020 Emma Lipinski

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