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Eve's Resting

Matron of eve

Pledger of time’s inquiet

Wastrel of the airs
Need be vacuum sealed to its rest
Though odd confirmation settles
Near the rockier part of my landing
Pain will deliver grateful hearts
That wouldn’t be handled
Nebula’s light so
Cosmic and adorning
Rhythmic representations
May confound, found exploring
Ever-so enticing the ice cycles
So familiar
Comets life looks daunting; compared
If human life would expel

The darkness above; premiering velvety secrets

Pondering, meandering children
Eternal's view yet afar to be envisioned
The fear of death still in them

© 2017 Courtney Grant


Courtney Grant (author) from Texas on December 01, 2017:

How interesting! Thank you for your positive comment Luke.

JourneyHolm on November 30, 2017:

This poem is very ethereal. Lots of cool imagery smashed together. It reminds me of the birth of the cosmos. Thanks for sharing :)

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