50 first RHYMES

Updated on November 12, 2017

50 First Dates

Never Give up

HENRY ROTH is a veterinarian.
A veterinarian with a reputation.
He womanizes female tourists.
No interested in pursuing.
A relationship. He likes to be free.
Sailing around Oahu, Hawaii.
But one day his boat happens to break.
He called the coastguard but he had to wait.
So he goes into a beautiful Cafe.
Then sees a beautiful woman along the way.
Her name was LUCY WHITMORE.
Henry feels she may be who he looked for.
Making art with Waffles.
Henry thinks she is local.
So he doesn't introduce himself.
The next day she thinks he is someone else.
He tells her his name once again.
Instantly they bond and become friends.
He comes back the next day and does it again.
The cafe owner explains Lucy's Condition.
She was in an accident that left her with Amnesia.
You have to find creative ways to please her.
So he decided for her sake.
To invite her on 50 FIRST DATES.
Sparing lucy from the heartbreak of reliving.
The accident every morning.
He gets help from her family and friends.
Scripting his life with hopes to begin.
To begin a relationship with her one day.
But had bumps and bruises along the way.
He accidentally hurt her feelings one day.
Tries going to her home the same day.
To apologize but Henry's sent home.
Her family tells him to leave her alone.
Henry begins thinking of ways.
To run into Lucy the following days.
He later meets her at breakfast.
She sees a police writing her a ticket.
Police says that her plates are expired.
Lucy attempts to argue that they're not expired.
She takes a newspaper to prove them wrong.
But it's date reveals that she's the one wrong.
Every morning she thought it was last year.
Thought the date was October of last yr.
In shame and hurt Lucy rushes home.
She sees her family has been all along.
Lying to keep her happy.
But they really were not helping.
Meanwhile, Henry has an idea.
Makes a video explaining the ordeal.
Lucy is upset hearing him say.
That her life is a lie every day.
She spends her days picking up.
Where the tape ends and it's tough.
But Henry makes it easy.
Easy but Lucy is erasing.
Erasing him from her memory.
She feels that she is stopping.
Stopping him from living.
She convinces herself she's a burden.
Destroying her Jornal saying.
That he is the best that ever happened.
Henry showed her what could happen.
A few weeks later he was preparing.
He finds out that Lucy is now teaching.
Teaching an art class.
Henry reminisces about the past.
He realizes that he misses Lucy.
Wondering what she is doing.
She's singing the same time every day.
Henry decides to go see her one day.
But she does not remember him.
But shows pictures she painted of him.
Saying she dreams about him every night.
After a while, she saw it was real.
It took 50 dates to seal the deal.

Adam Sandler
Drew Barrymore

Peter Segal


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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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