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5 Fascinating Writers, You See at a Writing Workshop

Ravi is a traveler and foodie who loves to visit off-the-beaten-track places and understand the culture, history and customs behind them.

Some fascinating writers one can meet in a writing workshop.

Some fascinating writers one can meet in a writing workshop.

Writing workshops can be both challenging and rewarding. And besides the writing challenges, you also encounter certain types of writers who tend to crop up in every workshop. I’m not saying these writers are necessarily bad. But sometimes you do need to accept them with a pinch of salt.

And here are some fascinating writers I met during the workshops.

The 20-Something Memoirist.

A college sophomore,

but she is writing a memoir,

based on real-life events.

The Uber-cool Writer.

He breaks the Twitter,

a stud in writer’s disguise.

He also writes sometimes.

The Word Inventor.

You give up in vain,

understanding his language.

Is this English only?

The Aesthetic Writer.

Writer. Thinker. Dreamer.

Everything is aesthetics.

Authentic real writer.

The Critic.

She is not here to write.

She is here only to critique.

Everyone writes shit.

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