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5-6-7-8 -- a Poem

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I'm a young author making a break in the world of writing. I have experience writing short stories, books, poetry, and reviews.



The world around me is dark

There’s a hum of movement, light taps of shoes-

the heart hammering in my chest


Ba-da-ba. Ba. Ba-da-ba. Ba-ba


People roar.

Tap. Tap. Tap. The music starts as I walk to my spot


Ba-da-ba. Ba. Ba-


Explode; arm up; leg out; turn and slide

Keep smiling

Don’t fall

I flow with the music, moving through the choreo I’ve done

so many times

so many times.



I fill my lungs with precious air

Cheering fills my ears

The stage goes dark.

This poem can be read separately or as a continuation of Move.

© 2022 EL Doll

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