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4 Days on the Woods

"4 days on the woods" is another prose poetry written by Ana Rose Gajeles

Never thought it would turn to ashes

Never thought it would be dessert now

Never thought it would leave a scar

Never thought of shooting star

With warm and cold gentle breeze,

Light and air touches my face.

Took me in a place of my favorite taste

Step unto beautiful daisies adorned with hays

Hope to see you next day!

I saw butterflies enough to entice my soul

Paved in the middle of the woods got awe

As I closely listen where sound goes bumped into a tree got a hole

Love to patch it but you're still beautiful

so I just carved a name on it called "Joy "

to see if no one will take you

when its time to go

I'll wear the biggest grin

when I come back tomorrow
Swift right into the woods hopped into the log

Never thought of losing you

or have dreamed of a sagged skin

As I begin to lean on you each nights seems like a day

There came a flash of the strong wind

It has shaken me and it did more to you

Your roots are strong with mystery of untold truths

A peek of beauty that matches you

That warm cold gentle breeze will no longer embrace me

Since smoke touches already the tips and edge of your leaves

It is more painful to see than a stung of a bee

It was home for me for three days

Now it became a memory.

© 2022 Ana Rose Gajeles

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