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30 Smaller Poems From the Jersey Shore

Faith, Art, writing and learning are Tim’s passions. Tim loves working in education. He has a BS in Psychology from Albright College.


Short Poems Are Poems Too…

I love to write short poems. Short poems do not always get their due because well they are short. When people think of poems they seek to read a long flowing poem with a clear theme woven throughout. Short poems for me are like flash fiction stories they are tougher to create because you have to frame your thoughts in only a few words.

In writing the poems in this article each day I chose a one word prompt and sought to render a poem which defines the single word prompt. Most of the poems are what is referred to as the Shadorma form of poetry which is a six line poem with a syllable count of 3/53/3/7/5.

I hope you enjoy all of these short poems.


Why do we

Seek the reason why

Life happens

As days roll

Never getting true answers

Still we seek out why


Life is bland

Without some colors

To brighten

Up the world

Make the world much more diverse

And enlightening


Children are

Gifts given to us

To nurture

When little

To Guide through the teenage years

Then release to the world

So Treasure

Each child God gives you

Because time

Moves quickly

Soon left with an empty nest

Living out the years

Our Mission



Pass on

What we learned

So others may grow

Pass on to many more people


Warmth arrives

After winters cold

Flowers come

The trees bud

Summertime is not far away

For now there is spring

Older People




Others say

You’re mainly useless

But Older people have value




Learned through years

Living through good and bad

Offer advice on how





Joy and warmth

Leaving others know

They’re always allowed to come back




With friends

But beware

Games are good to play

Unless you are a sore loser




Not last

Two others

Surround another

The center of everything


Not always

But once in a while

Not never

Not right now

The times you fell it is time

To do what you say


The jitters come

When you’re called upon

When you meet

Someone new

Your palms start to feel so moist

You get tongue tied

You’re nervous


What may come

What may befall us

As we move

Through our days

May be planned or random

Depends on your view


One plus one

Is the only way

Two become

One united by true love

In a marriage


More than cute

And always funny

Brings good cheer

And a smile

Whenever they’re around

So adorable


More than words

Heartfelt conviction

To do right

To speak truth

No matter what the outcome

Good or bad for you



Where is home?

Where the heart takes rest?

Where you’re born?

Where you live?

Where you spent your younger years?

Home is where love thrives



Is better

Better than the best

A delight

Real pleasure

Extremely marvelous

It is wonderful


Having much

Not always about

Much money


It’s about having wisdom

Using it wisely


In Bouquets

In some garden beds

In a pot

A planter

Or whatever you may choose

Pick flowers today


Is He there

Some try to deny

But truth is

If you look

You’ll see God all around you

Still doing His work


Takes some notes

And a melody


With lyrics

Creates your favorite songs

The playlist of life


Not boastful

Always seeks best for others

Thankful heart

Content life

The center of those people

Who live humbly


There always

A price to be pad

For things done

For things said

Unless you’re willing to pay

Watch your words and deeds


Give something

To others around at

Your expense

Maybe time

Maybe a little money

Nothing in return


Can’t give up

Because things are gonna change

Get better

Be brighter

Of course it really matters

Whom your hope is on


Gotta dance

Get your feet moving

Gotta dance

Gotta dance

It makes the heart feel so light

So get up and dance


See the world

They are watching you

What you say

What you do

So you have to be careful

To live out your faith


Be careful

Don’t let fear consume

It’ll take joy

Wear you down

Instead seek to trust in God

He’ll guide your heart through


It’s so fun

To let out a laugh

You can feel

The tension

Seeps out of every pore

Life feels so joyful



It’s so hard

To stay fresh and clean

After time

You will find

A layer of dust and grime

Covering your soul

You must seek

One who cleanses both

Heart and soul

For all time

The one who makes you feel whole

One who keeps you clean

© 2021 Timothy Whitt


Timothy Whitt (author) from New Jersey on July 07, 2021:

Thanks for all the kind words about these poems.

Timothy Whitt (author) from New Jersey on June 27, 2021:

Thank you all for your kind words

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on June 27, 2021:

All your poems are beautiful and well expressed.

To compose poems, in few words is not so easy. You have done a wonderful job.

I enjoyed reading all of them. Thank you for sharing.

OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on June 27, 2021:

This is a wonderful collection "Tim", I love the older people section because old people are full of experience, and the experience old people have gotten nothing can buy it, prayer cannot bring the experinece old people have gotten, therefore, it is usually said i Yoruba adage that "may God never let us be in want of old people in the society"

Another section that I cherished in this collection is "Home"... A place where love thrives, a place where everyone should always look forward to to take rest...Therefore we all need to make our home a heaven on earth.

Thanks for sharing this. Do have a pleasant weekend.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on June 27, 2021:

A good collection of poems, Tim. Thank you for introducing me to the “Shadorma” form. I have never heard of that before.

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