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30-Second Novel Series: "Sight"


She’s the most eloquent

In the realm of nonwords

Where every stare or glance, wag of a tail,

Yap, howl, growl or even bark

Are built in to melt your titanium heart

As she reaches for it

Carefully… Patiently…

So she can transport it to her

Unadulterated reality

Where all that is pure, raw and simple are good.

Lurking beneath her soft exterior,

Is an immensely powerful wizard

Who can Uncast the spell that

This world has bewitched upon you,

So you can see CLEARLY

What is in front of you.

She’s my eyes in the world,

An eloquent observer in the realm of nonwords

Where every stare or glance,

Are Billboard reminders for ME & YOU

Not to lose SIGHT

Of what’s the most ESSENTIAL

Of them ALL.



Peter McKinnonng on May 04, 2018:

So much love for the dog. And she's so cute too.. I wanna kiss you both!!! Hugs from Canada!!!

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