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30,000 Worlds


After a long night inside
a black tunnel, you come out
and a golden colored sunlight
hits you on your face and your
naked body;

A robotic arm grabs your body
and you are taken inside a spaceship: months
pass, and you talk to a computer inside the
spaceship; —the computer teaches you
new languages.
The computer seems to know
a lot, and it has a video archive.
One day, you decide to check the archive
and you feel electrocuted once the archive
is opened: There you find videos of the daily
life and daily activities of Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus,
Gandhi, and so on.
The computer tells you that it has
downloaded the videos from the Akash

Two months pass by.
The computer tells you that it has scanned
the entire cosmos, and has found
30,000 Gaias. It asks your permission
to transfer you to
any of the 30,000 planets
that it has scanned for you.
You tell the computer that you've fallen in love
with it, and that you want to marry it!
The computer comes out from the mechanical
shell like a stream of orangish vapor,
and assumes the form
of a beautiful woman.
The woman informs you
that her real name of "Seema", and she was
the daughter of the Rishi (i.e., 'seer') named Vyas.
She had questioned her father's
intellectual work, for which, Vyas
had cursed her, and sent her soul inside a stone.
Centuries later, that stone was excavated
and metal was extracted from it
to make the shell of the computer. That's how
she made the computer talk.
Seema tells you that she has mediated
for centuries, and has acquired the power
to create, and annihilate, matter.
She tells you that she can create a world
of your perfect dream (a world where there will be
only joy, delicious foods, and no death!).
Seema also tells you that she has suffered
so much, that she now can not marry any man

You ask Seema about the things
that she would like to do now, now that she's
out of the computer shell (and also why
she didn't come out of it herself, and had to wait
for someone). Seema says
that she felt loneliness. Only meditation kept her
Seema answers that Vyas has
reincarnated multiple times, and currently he's
the Khalifa of the United Arab Emirates; her aim
now is to make the Arab countries
fully~fledged democracies. For this reason, she
still lives.

A few days pass by.
One night, while Seema is sleeping, you take
a lethal injection, and painlessly
​euthanize her. This time, her soul does not go back
to the computer. You turn on the computer, and
Microsoft Windows Log~on screen appears.

You take control of the spaceship. And you turn its
direction towards the Earth. You check
the computer storage: the video~archive
has disappeared with Seema.

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