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3 to few

3 for 3 working with new artists and our jam going top 5 on pop billboard chart


How much can a heart hurt
How much before it becomes inert
How long until the nerves are burnt
How long until my soul reverts
One more song we can sing
One more playful leg cling
A day when love doesn't sting
A day when I miss nothing
One of me is 3 to few
It's not a home if not a zoo
I miss my mini me crew
An empty house has no view
Just 1 more horsey ride
I'll seek and you hide
I'll catch you at the slide
Watch you beam with pride
It's not an empty hole to fill
It's not something for a pill
It's a lose that hurts still
Pain and anger like a windmill
Held you like you held lamb
Another song like a Grammy
Our joy they had to stammy
Desperate acts to entrap me
No need to exaggerate
Joy built in aggregate
Animal impersonations instigate
Lead by fairy tale magistrate
Never a dark cloud just gentle rays
Run and scream in exuberant craze
Everyday sweet like donut glaze
Lost in heavens playground maze
Like old people on to many meds
It's to early to go to our beds
Love is all we ever pled
Joy was our street cred
This was real not long ago
Tried to reap what we sew
Became jealous of our flow
Memory now of loving glow
There was never a hole in my soul
Filling emptiness wasn't your role
It's my life you made full
It's my light that they stole
Every thing loved is used as leverage
Reoccurring fact with complete coverage
False choices still painful severage
Pining is a drunkard beverage
Failed to trap, murder, and commit me
Cant stop, gaslight, or divert me
Imbued you with purpose and direction
Lessons taught more than I can mention
Part of me I gave to you by extension
Leaves us unswayed by emotional tension
Them and their kind plague the earth
Stealing childhoods filled with mirth
Campaigns of evil started at birth
It's time to show them our worth
These art acts of war against us
Expected to be quiet never make a fuss
Forget everything and give them trust
They're diseased boils and pus

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