3 Poems: The Moon, Trees and Cheap Love

Updated on July 11, 2018
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Charmaine is a native of the East Coast of Australia who is a freelance writer and poet who loves the unexpectedness of the Divination Arts.


3 Poems: The Moon, Trees and Cheap Love

The English writer Chesterton said education is the soul of a society being passed from one generation to another. What is society teaching us right now?

Here are three poems reflecting upon The Moon, Trees and Cheap Love. And using them as a metaphor about life at this point in time. Come and travel alongside with me.

Poem One

A Poem about a Tree: Entrapment and Brawn

Trees didn’t ask to be born

to a life of entrapment and brawn

as it only leads to an early death

at the hands of humans known as Macbeth

Now it is time

where trees of stillness is a crime

especially sharing peace and stability

with those who stand within its vicinity

Nature’s heart is gentleness and generosity

that doesn’t stand continuity

with the walking Machiavellians

that flounces their superiority that is deadly


Inflamed footprints are to acidify

the mulch of the past and speechify

Yet somehow speech is somehow bearing

fruit cups of Pinot Noir daring

The two legged humans

continue to play backgammon

with the tree bark arteries

and the green fingertips of teary

The canopy is a heavenscape

umbrelling a protective hug

for all those

lost and hurting close

Yet we must cut her movement

and her green desire to improve

Let her burrn, roast and rot

till her skin is full of raw blisters begot


Never say never

you ugly human enslaver

Push and push

squashing and suffocating to mush

Stop pushing me

Stop pushing me to evacuee

Stop pushing me

Stop pushing me to be an escapee


The word Love has been cheapened that it can make us recoil when we hear it.

The word love has been bandied about like a common bindii in the grass.

Yet, as human beings we still need affection, attention, tenderness.

Love is an act of faith.

Poem Two: Cheap Love

All, is cheap love

Selfies likes and comments turtle –dove

Sickness and falseness bred

within the heart and mind thread

I’m telling you

be true-blue

We need a new

kind of tiramisu


Get back to rest

Get back to touch unaddressed

Get back to face to face

Get back to being a human pillowcase

All the fat cats

with their hanging rolls of skin

caused by gluttony and sin

not cortisol driven


Too much fluorescence

of false sunshine famille verte

get to ground zero

not on the lofts, a mile high vigoro

You are human

a five pronged star omen

Be tender be thinking

be resourcefully industrious point blank

For those wicked humans

may your cold hearts acumen

be returned to you hundred fold

about those withheld or undersold


Poem Three

The Tyranny of the Moon

Once in a blue moon people will surprise you and once in a while people may even take your breath away…

The tyranny of the Moon

is here and loud like a Baboon

It doesn’t matter

whether you write a chapter

for a female, male or in between

The tyranny of the Moon

are the details that spoon

the vulgar, the crude and the relational

infantilising you through shrapnel

that shames or belittles you

It is about all types of construe

of how you sex

or your body functions in perplex

or your insecurities that can be hexed

The vengeance is to see you cringe

not stand tall in your blancmange

The Moon is haunting and harrowing

She works hiddenly to overthrow

The Moon is the female

whose emotions wail

and discerns who you can trust

or who you cannot entrust


The Moon is your warning

to guard what is steaming

and what is a treasure to you

The moon signals

not to take a risk in congenial people

especially confiding in the surrounding

smiling pouts that have a soft voice

The trap of this rejoice

is dishonesty and harmfulness

stealing your hard worn psalms

about your life and others

Only to serve to causing upheavals altogether

Confrontations are caused to surmount

so that relationships and friendships stunt

and drop away to your puzzlement fount


Threads of secrets

that only you can babysit

are now in circulation

twisted and altered coagulates

causing unnecessary problems

for you and other cerebellums

Resulting in changes, confusion

and unnecessary divisions

causing pain to fly at you

in every direction in lieu


Loose lips do sink ships

There are wrong hand grips

Wrong people for you

They can be insatiably resourced

Unfortunately they are falsely

paraded on the right side of society’s pulse

Mud sticks you know

You cannot throw

off the caked on mud

to fall to ground zero thud

Wrong people run away

from owning up to their betray

by twisting the facts

and who said what and when exact

The moon warns you

be selective and secretive

about who can be trusted anew

This is the constructive

way of the Moon’s conduct

These Three Poems Made Me Feel

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© 2018 Threekeys


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    • threekeys profile imageAUTHOR


      4 weeks ago from Australia

      The Moon and Trees are popular topics to write about.

      Thank you for coming over for a visit and sharing your thoughts Eric

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      4 weeks ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      great stuff. I liked cheap love the most, though I love trees and moon the most.


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