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4 Poems About Life and Time

Life can be too serious or lack purpose, its joys and fears mark time. In life, the passage of time can be a friend or enemy to you.

Time: Friend or enemy? Frenemy?

Time: Friend or enemy? Frenemy?

Humble Servant to No One

Time will tell, that’s what people say

Life is a puzzle, a riddle, a game

No solutions at the back of the book

Regardless of how hard you wish to look

Time does not stop, it will always be

You will never see it on bended knee

Humble servant to no one, man nor beast

For our passionate pleas it cares the least

Time, faithless friend or hand to hold?

Days filled with joy or fingers of icy cold

It cannot fast forward or hit rewind

Come tomorrow, who knows what we will find?

Time unveils the truth from the lie

It gives us all moments to weep or fly

The youthful will one day become the old

With seasons the weak triumph to be bold

Time flows into our history, our past

Whilst we proclaim its too slow, too fast

It wisely knows why we have to wait

And why for our dreams we’ll never be too late.

Time answers to no one.

Time answers to no one.

In the eye of a storm the pain can feel neverending.

In the eye of a storm the pain can feel neverending.

Sweet Relief

I'm torn

My life’s incomplete

Felled, forlorn

I ask for sweet relief

I worry

When can I feel safe?

I am lonely

Where is your embrace?

I question

My tears fall unchecked

I weaken

And envy your strength

I wait

All day, all week long

I wait

Time rolls ever on

I doubt

My heart yearns

I call out

God, it must be my turn

I say it’s time

To suffer no more, please

Use your grace sublime

My pain you must ease

I pray

This will be a better day

This will be a better day

I pray.

If only every problem could be solved within 7 days.

If only every problem could be solved within 7 days.

A Problem in Seven Days

Sunday: Today the troublesome tyrant is born

Monday: Fear dances ever strong with you forlorn

Tuesday: A craving for answers. The need to know

Wednesday: The nervous sapling of hope yearns to grow

Thursday: Is this the end of the tiring night?

Friday: Relief and peace roam in a new bright light

Saturday: The past is history, tomorrow a welcome sight.

Survival against the odds.

Survival against the odds.

Brutal Words

You did not think about me in your cruel deeds

I still feel effects of love's poisonous seeds

You left me with bloodied bruises on my soul

You hurt me with brutal words, your goal

But I promise I will heal soon, re-energise

My pain will die a little each day, I'll survive

Smiles will reappear, yesterday's tears the cost

I'll stand tall, deny your battery of reposts

The past can't be rewritten, to dust it turned

Today is laden, tomorrow, my lessons learned

With resolve and faith, great power divine

I'll walk on, a happy future can be mine

Despite your best efforts.

© 2022 Joanne Hayle

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