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3 Nature Poems

Anne is a freelancer with a passion for writing and helping others by writing about important topics and issues.

Author's Note

The following is a collection of three poems I wrote about nature. The imagery and descriptions of each go beyond just the scenery and into something even more complex. I think there is something absolutely magical about the way we can describe nature, the weather, and small moments in time that may seem insignificant, but have deeper meanings within. That's what I tried to convey with these poems. Each of these three poems describes and talks about a different form of nature: the beach, a meteor shower at night, and a rainstorm. These simple phenomena in nature are actually filled with splendor and curiosity. The wonders of the world and where we live have always fascinated me; the way that even something as simple as a rainstorm can alter your mood or make you feel a certain way. I believe that our emotions are linked to these changes in weather, and seasons, and atmosphere. Think about seasonal depressive disorder, for instance. The entire concept of this psychiatric disorder revolves around nature, and dark months leading to a more depressed mood in many. I think nature can have that large of an impact on our psyche. Many believe that the simple change of weather can impact more than just your mental state. Some people describe drops in barometric pressure, for instance, not only impacting their mood, but also showing physical symptoms, such as joint pain. My fiancé, for instance, has fibromyalgia, a largely misunderstood autoimmune disorder in the medical field, but when the barometric pressure drops or it is stormy outside, he has the most intense joint and back pain, which is almost completely unbearable for him. Despite all of these negative impacts to the psyche and physically body, nature can also be a pleasant, eye-opening, and wondrous experience. Something that gives you an epiphany and that makes you feel one with your surroundings. Many people have said that the scenery of nature and the atmosphere can also connect them with a higher power or a higher state of being. It makes me think of great monks meditating in the mountains, or someone having an unexplainable vision in the desert. It is absolutely miraculous the way that nature can play into our emotions, feelings, and physical essence. It's moments like these that I like to explore and write about in poems and other types of creative writing. I hope you enjoy these carefully crafted snapshots of nature.

Beach Night

Cool and calm

Curled up on the edges of night

Swishing, swaying, back and forth

Soothing my inner thoughts

Wrapping me up in it

Blanketing me in the soft sweet song of the sea

Come with me,

Dive in, immerse yourself

Feet dipping through water

Hands full of wind

Hair dripping with salty warmth

Your smile, brighter than the moon,

Standing on the edges of earth

Here the only thing between us is sand.


Meteor Shower

The world sparkles

When all are asleep

And comets follow

Where children weep

And when we sleep

The owls sing

They like to keep

Their painted wings

In flight, above the moon

Out of sight, and into your room

The midnight bird sings the tune

Of an old dream, forgotten too soon

Stars, made of wishes

And promises

In our waking dreams

All is determined from this, it seems

And when we wake, and see the tears

The steps we've taken after all these years

In this world of dreams there are no fears

Just astrological wonders and angel's tears

But when the morning hears

We take back the tears

The world has been waiting, for all these years.



Standing in the midst of the rain

Walking through the streets so plain

Following the sweet sounds again

Pattering on the window panes

The slush underneath your feet

Creates a wondrous, harmonious beat

Letting your feet slide, they squeak,

On this wonderful outdoor retreat

Looking up into the gray clouded skies

Raindrops cold, dripping under your eyes.

From here you can hear the distant roaring cries

It must be the heavens debating, you surmise

This feeling of elation reaches out to you

You are free in this moment, no longer feeling blue

Because you can know, just for a few

That this rain understands you too.

© 2022 Anne Marie Carr

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