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3 Children’s Flash Fiction Stories

Faith, Art, writing and learning are Tim’s passions. Tim loves working in education. He has a BS in Psychology from Albright College.

In my daily times of writing i sometime try to pen children’s stories. While I like the stories they’re still a work in progress. I home you enjoy the three selections here.


Two Dogs

There are two little dogs

One Louey, the other Lou

Two dogs with nothing to do

One Louey, the other Lou

“What do we do?” Said Louey to Lou.

“I don’t know Louey, what should we do?”

“Want to chase our tails or go for a run?”

“Nah, Louey, it doesn't sound like much fun.”

“Want to go to the park and chase a ball?”

“Nah, Louey, it doesn't sound like fun at all.”

“Want to play tag with that cat named Bee?”

“Nah, after a minute

she’ll just run up the tree.”

“How about the mailman

if we bark at him he’ll give us a treat.”

“Nah Louey, I just had too much to eat.”

“Well we could dig a hole and bury a bone.”

“Nah Louey, you can do that all alone.”

“Hey I know, we could go to the lake and swim.”

“Nah Louey, I don’t feel like jumping in.”

“We could go down to the neighbors yard to jump in the leaves he raked so hard.”

“Nah Louey,

“So Lou, can you please, can you tell me

right here, right now what you want to do.”

“Well Louey, I’ve done all the things before you’ve asked me to.

I’ve done them many, many times with you.

This time I’d like to try something new.

I just can’t think of anything new, can you?”

Nah, Louey, what you say is true.

I guess it’s nap time for me, for you.”


The Places I’d Go

The Places I'd Go

If only I could

If only I was able

If only I would

I'd go up the stairs

To the top of the house

Where I know there lives

a little grey mouse

I'd go to the end of the walk

Where the big dog lives

To get one of the licks

The dog always gives

I'd go to the top

Of the really tall tree

So the last leaf of fall

Wouldn’t need come to me

I’d visit the little girl who

Who sits on her walk

Drawing and painting animals

With brightly colored chalk

I’d visit the old cow

Who lives in the farmers barn

Who just moo’s and moo’s

All the day and all night long

I’d go seek the end

Of the colorful rainbow

So I could share the gold

With all the people I know

I’d try to catch the first flake

Which falls from the sky

To cherish the winter

When the temperatures rise

I’d go to the mountains

Where the snow caps lie

Just to feel the wind

See the blue skies

The Places I'd Go

If only I could

If only I was able

If only I would


Scratch the Cat

For a while

Scratch the cat

Laid on the bed

Dreamin the dreams

Which swirled in his head

Till there came a noise

A noise so strange

A noise he could not name

A yip and yap, a bark came next

He cracked open one eye

Stood up and stretched

He jumped off the bed

Headed down the stairs

At first he didn’t see

Anything there

Yip, yap, bark, yip, yap, bark

There was the noise again

It came from outside

Outside, where he’d never been

What was making the noise

The noise he’d never heard

He jumped up in the window

Looked out in the yard

There were his humans

Playing with, oh no, a dog

In the house, his home

He was no longer alone

He now had a friend

© 2022 Timothy Whitt