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Mario the Devil, a Poem About Mario

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A poem about Mario, who is fond of playing games with women in the name of love. A few people are aware of narcissists


Mario the DEVIL

His name is Mario

Comes in as the night and shining armor

With his sweet resounding voice

Worshiping you

Touching you like an idol god

Telling you sweet nothings!

Then he disappears

The same way he appeared

And then appears

After months of tears

Like he never disappeared

As if nothing transpired


Convinces you

Pleads with you

Sings to you

Worships you

Again and again and again!

It is hard to resist him

Hard to reproach him

Hard not to exonerate him

I really missed him

I mean who wouldn’t crave for him?

He needs attention

Craves affection

Presumes perfection

A craft in pretention!


A NARCISSIST they said

Never gets enough

Never loves

Never hurts

His feelings disconnected from his body

He only worships his body

Runs after sexy bodies

His soul darker than his body

And he’s always a busy body

Chasing after ingenuous bodies

He doesn’t about care who you are

He doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings

He only cares about himself

His phrase words “ME, MYSELD, AND I”

Indeed a devil

Nothing can match his evil

Not even the devil

He always brings upheaval

And make you think you are evil


You were never the problem

He was the problem

He brought problem after problem

Making your life a problematic

Narcissists never leave

They make you think they left

So that you can feel their absence

And make think you were delinquent

They are crafts at mind games

And experts in psychology

Their emptiness in the inside

Hankers more broken souls

To feed their empty souls

Oh I want to die!

Do not be his next victim

He will suck you dry!


© 2018 Diana

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