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24 lines about cleaning my son's room

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


24 lines about the cleaning of my son's room

a week of planning went into this task

on the matter of cleaning ones room

how did you collect such big junk?

Three large loads of trash with some luck

spelunk into a few years of muck

the nastier this room seems to get

if you collect more we will be sunk

your room remains a crime scene

we thought upon a nest of mice

the stinkiest of jobs so far

uncomfortably messy

a pocket sized tornado

nest of solidified sauces

into an ancient burial ground of trash

junk food wrappers

its really obscene

this devilish scene

to scrub and dust each item to sparkle

you just wash and wash to just scrub the dirt

we started scrubbing deep

upon my knees

time to let things air out

miraculously remove

proof of lazy lifestyle.

© 2021 Jamie Lee Hamann