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2050 AD - Deep Underground ~ Inspired by Tanmoy Acharya

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.

Light in the Dark

Light in the Dark

Inspiration Behind This Poem

I've been writing poems for a few years now, and luckily I've come across some wonderful poets whose work has deeply inspired me. On HubPages, a few examples include John Hansen, Manatita, Brenda Arledge, and Tanmoy Acharya.

The style of poem is inspired by Tanmoy Acharya. Some of you who have read his poems can recognize his poetic style. In this park of life, we are all students. As a writer, I've learned a lot from many of my fellow authors. As the poem is inspired by his style of writing poems, I feel it important to mention his name. I learned to write in this style by reading Tanmoy Acharya's poems on HubPages. I like how he blends reality and fantasy in his poems. It's always like a full dose of the surreal world. I hope everyone enjoys reading it.

2050 AD ~ Deep Underground

You're lying, it's 2050 AD.

Deep underground, where insects and snakes have eaten you to pieces

Your skin and flesh have been devoured.

The bones are crumbling.

transforming into dust

Your grave is being visited by bright energy.

But where does it come from?

Someone has been buried next to you, says an unknown voice.

But who? you ask

— The response astounds you: — It's the body of someone you loved in your life.

Your soul mate is resting next to you.

As the nature of a man, only a woman can complete him

He was lost in Paradise without her — God created her from his rib.

As she was buried next to you, light entered your grave.

This woman, who cherished you throughout your life,

And struggled after your death— The reason for your success.

The mother of your children, the joy of your life, a part of you when placed next to you,

Your dead body has regained its energy—

Even deep underground, you were incomplete without her.

Love as your love will never die.

Love, like her love, is endless.

Life is far too brief to comprehend the power of love.

Many have died to meet their loved ones.

"So was it all about physical needs and attractions?"

Tango Painting| Pinterest

Tango Painting| Pinterest

The souls are reunited in the heavens. In the sky above,

There is a magnificent tango — My beloved embarked on an endless journey.

This period of time will now never come to an end,

There would be no death, and love would be all pure and genuine.

There is no curse, illness, envy, or deception.

Love has reached new heights and will never fall.

The feet in the world are chained, but free, chainless, and fearless souls in Heaven continue to dance and rejoice— the force of love has reached the skies.

Death has proven that there is no force stronger than love.

This love—and the tango—will never end.

You want to convey this message to the world, so you're reading it from heaven above— the angels are preaching love sermons— birds in their nests are happy and dancing— the world is deaf to the word love— politics and economics are all that rules there.

You tell your love, "Come, my love, we are free from the chains—let us continue to dance as there is no more pain — love is pure, we know it now—there is a rain of sorrows on the ground."

© 2022 Misbah Sheikh

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