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2016; The year I died


I bit the forbidden apple and I met my opponent.

We came face to face

It knows my fears; It knows my sins

Re-living this Karmic cycle once again

He came in everything raw and everything wrong

My brain was stimulated.

and manipulated

Was it a dream?

An illusion?

Some say they are the master’s of taking any shape

It has left me dead

inside my heart

inside my head

(whispering) “Has it sold?”

Because I no longer hear the voice of my own soul

I live in chains now

but i will refrain

Continuing this nightmare once again

As i bite my tongue to all self destruction

to all the blame

to all the shame

in the shadow of death is where i remain

to live with regret is only the worst you can do

To sit here and watch fade

all your triumph and truth

Stasia by Stacy

© 2018 Stacy Torres