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Inspirational Poem: The Bridge

The Bridge is a poem about finding peace for a moment in a busy world.

The Bridge

The Bridge

The Bridge

On this unassuming arc of timber and nails

Is a place to take stock, inhale, unwind

To leave the rush of pressures awhile

To breathe in damp leaves, sodden moss

The perfumes of the day, of prospering blooms

Listen to the river's hypnotic whisk and flow

Watch nature nurtured, going about its toil

And find serenity in a church of birdsong

The fireball sun is proud, shadows are few

Diamond bright water buffs the riverbed

Dancing dragonflies play hide and seek

Willow leaves cascade, bathe their roots

Leaves rustle atop, use water whispers below

The trees have seen life, its joys and woes

Wisely, they wait for wretched storms to pass

Sure nothing good or bad lasts for an eternity


Knots undo, my cares ease, fly on the breeze

Bees and butterflies sit awhile amidst the flowers

Ponder the purpose of life, worry for dear ones

We're not so different, despite wings and stripes

Wishing for a life well lived, to love and be loved

Peace is a universal goal. It seems possible here

On this bridge from furrowed to soothed brows

Faith abounds with hope in hungry pilgrims

Each day we humans grace the bridge

And share an unspoken sermon to our souls

See the healing as exquisite stillness presides

How glorious and how great the wonderment

Man alone couldn't construct this sanctuary

A higher power knew people needed this bridge

To observe, recall and breathe deeply once more

Before a return to the frenetic lives we've created

The unassuming bridge will always be sought

It is far more than its timber and nails.


© 2022 Joanne Hayle

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