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2 AM: A Poem

I have always felt a connection to the stars, so sometimes I write about them. Hopefully, you'll feel that connection too.

2 AM

if there was a star up in the sky

for every time I cried

because of how time flies

and I can't keep up

the sky would be so bright

I'd cover up my eyes

until the sun would rise

and I'd miss out on

sleepless nights, staring at the ceiling

laying there, wondering when I'd feel

like getting out of bed

I won't.

I'll be crying until 2 am

about hollow apologies

about growing up, having dreams

but dreams are for kids who haven't faded away

because the world loved them more yesterday

every person here is feeling broken

we're all lonely

we're all bleeding from

stepping on the shards

of each other's broken hearts

but I won't let the stars up there blind me

because although the darkness is lonely

loneliness feels free

at 2 am with the stars and me

staring at the stars

staring at the stars

© 2021 Tina Kelvy

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