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2 / 17 / 15

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I enjoy writing of all forms so I decided to share them with you. Nothing fancy, nothing glamorous. Let's share the good the bad and the ugl


There is a place between Hell and Heaven
where humans no longer roam.

Where death is silent.

A little place in your head that allows you to pull that trigger,

cut down those that stand in your way.

This is that place;

morals have been left behind.

Yet, we do not fear it.

We live in it,

and we will go on smiling.

Because that’s what professionals do.

Smiley Face Pill

Okay, It's Okay

Well no not how he treats me;
how he treats you.
With roses and kisses.
I with something akin to broken glass.

He thinks I wouldn’t notice;

that I would be fine, I act the part.
Everynight, I pay for a banishing atmosphere.
Oh; so colorful with blushing blues and glowing red.
The world being tossed upside down,right side up, those smiling faces.


Must mornin come with fleeting glance and lies;
with busted lips and bruised collars.

It was a quick miss;

I’ve given you

and you’ve give me.

Don’t you wanna try another?

Its free.

© 2019 Angelina