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Memoirs of the Lost River

I sit upon the bay wistfully in thought.

Dead grass and twigs, how long has it been?

Memories of the lost, the dead, and those

that survived, but too old to tell.

I sit upon the bay, where the river is still.

Where overgrown weeds blow free from worries or fears.

Taking over a place that was once filled with violence and tears.

I sit upon the bay where there lay a house,

looks empty or is it?

Dead grass so tall;

pieces of rubbish seen everywhere.

I sit upon the bay.

Trees lay barren, leaves withered away.

Waters calm and still, nothing much changes.

Cheater Cheater

He cheated with the waitress.

Red lips stick to his collar,

hickeys on his neck,

he smells of cherry pie.

He cheated with the waitress.

He keeps going to that diner.

Neon lights, young skin, blonde

hair, mocking me.

He cheated with the waitress.

He slipped in the tub.

His face turns blue then purple.

His body goes limp,

skin cold as ice.

He won’t be cheating with the waitress


© 2019 Angelina

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