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18th Article: Four-Stringed Violin


I'm a creative writer, non-rhymer, storyteller, and author. I write free verse and narrative literary composition.


Sharing my written pieces with the ends
of the world has ineradicable presents in return.

Seeing their response seems unwrapping a gift—
a surprise; an incomparable sound
of four-stringed violin; a series of harped
trumpets, drumrolls, and rolled out carpet.

All are set as time ticks counterclockwise, skies
as the ceiling... and in a split second,
a gentle—soft blow of New Year's fireworks, classic.


Franchesca (author) on February 09, 2021:

Thank you, Brenda! All for the love of literature and art! :)

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on February 09, 2021:

Fantastic poetry.

I applaud you.

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