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BeckyTP formally known as Rebecca Moraa is a student at Moi University Main Campus Kenya. My passion in poetry grew in primary school.

You were the real deal, our true dedicated soldiers..
What happens at battle fields in untold of,
No one wanted to share what you experienced,
But we're still family and the scars of our loss ;
Are still so evident even with us hiding the unshed tears.

You stood the test of time, trying to get what we all knew,
You deserved the most, especially at those times and days,
It was never easy, so we won't sit or stand tell lies,
The road was tough and scarlet coloured with blood...
But who's blood was it, was all a mystery for DNA.

We couldn't stand to see you go, we lost too many,
But what help could we even offer, when the only thing we could hear,
Were heavy noises, which meant more of our soldiers going down,
It was so clear we were losing the fights.

We had to find somewhere to hide, just until rescue came,
Were we even sure of the rescue in the first place ?
All we did was survive in stinky sewages, to pray and hope,
We had lost too many, 147 wasn't easily acceptable to us.

Now all we have are the memories we made with you,
The nightmares keep us awake every single night we live,
It doesn't matter if the others remember or rather understand,
We just don't know how to deal with the greatest loss,
It was a mighty blow to the Guiness book of Comradeship records.

© 2018 BeckyTP

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