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138th Article: As Simple As That


I'm a creative writer, non-rhymer, storyteller, and author. I write free verse and narrative literary composition.


She never cried for a man. She never experienced
to have her heart broken
because she hadn't yet committed herself to any.

Her 126th Article hadn't allowed her yet.
She hadn't allowed herself yet.

She only cries for chopped onions.
She only cries because of dust.
She only cries because of mood swings, not of a man.
She only cries happy tears.

This is because she was raised and trained by
her parents to be as strong as she can possibly be—
as simple as that.

I can plainly define because I am what is defined.

Postscript: This is the 2nd part (continuation) of "126th Article: Untroubled." *4/30/2020

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