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11th Tone of Blue: A Poem Diary

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These are one of my poems I wrote at 16 years old that I somehow cherish despite of the reasons behind its existence.

"11th Tone of Blue"

"11th Tone of Blue"

Shadows far above the skies

Where it rumbles, lightning cracks

A drop that fulfills your mind that flies

A loud chilling roar that shocks

Beneath the clouds, a strange lullaby

When heard will really make you cry

A voice that tells, "Its over now"

And insisted to fight, but how?

Why does a boat sails far above?

With numerous sharks that fly

A clown that sighs, a lion that cries

Beyond those shadows lie

A world without a reason to live

A home that sinks in trees of grieve

They litter the life of a butterfly

Healthy leaves fall down, they're asking "why?"

And you say,

"I'll surely die"

"For I'm no one to be praised"

"I can't even fly, so I'll stay in my cave"

Your shadow friends stay with you,

And hum to the 11th tone of blue.

© 2021 Chivi Yu