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112th Article: Wondrous


I'm a creative writer, non-rhymer, storyteller, and author. I write free verse and narrative literary composition.


The strands of your hair are thick and
grow in continuance. You have eyes that
gracefully pan...

Your nose mounts the line of generation,
and an inch below are lips that noticeably
speak a rightful judgment... then
the neck that bridges to shoulders—
shoulders that show your strength.

Your arms and legs are long—they speak
about patience in time that extended
their form, and feet that step on the land
of the living.

You were made by the nobles in the royal
bed—they mastered every center
and side to perfect you, years of planning
and waiting to have you.

You were a structure designed in haven's
timeframe—that's why you are timeless
in existence.

So let no one disparage the triumphant
in you or hinder your wondrous spirit, for
it took a millennium to form you—
that whole, complete, lacking nothing you.

Postscript: "Wondrous" refers to some of the men and women whom I admire.

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