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Oceans 11

DANNY OCEAN was in prison.
He violates parole by traveling.
To meet his friend RUSTY.
To talk about going.
Going to visit a wealthy friend.
Hoping he plays part in a plan.
RUEBEN TISHKOFF, a former owner.
Invests in the plan while undercover.
The plan is to rob Vegas biggest Casinos.
Reuben's familiar with the casinos.
Security teams. He first hesitates.
But TERRY BENEDICT makes him take.
Makes him take the job.
Terry owned the casinos they planned to rob.
It's enough cash to cover bets.
& they plan to get all of it.
They recruit more to participate.
Specialists that are up to date.
Up to date in their skills.
For this, they need sharpen skills.
They first Scope out the building
They then learn the security.
They create a replica of the vault.
Practicing moving to the vault.
The vault is where all the money is.
They pass security to reach it.
They then discover Tess.
Is Danny Ocean's Ex.
Once the plan unfolds.
They attempt to get control.
Control of the casino.
They first start at the Bellagio.
Where Danny sees Benedict.
Who stores him to be beaten.
Beaten by a bouncer.
But Terry does not know that the Bouncer.
Is really Danny's friend.
The Bouncer allows him to get in.
To go to meet his team.
After they finish doing.
Doing what they all planned.
Reuben got his revenge in the end.

George Clooney
Danny Ocean
Brad Pitt
Rusty Ryan
Matt Damon
Linus Caldwell
Don Cheadle
Basher Tarr
Elliot Gould
Reuben Tishkoff
Andy Garcia
Terry Benedict

Oceans 12

TERRY BENEDICT gets his revenge.
He starts by finding all of the friends.
Of DANNY OCEAN. He finds his gang.
Demanding that the gang.
Return all the money that they stole.
From each one of his casino's.
Plus $38 million in interest.
They give half and plan to get the rest.
They stage another heist.
Making sure that it goes right.
They are tipped by an informant.
About the location kept secret.
Holding the first certificate ever.
They Find it was stolen earlier.
Danny and his gang start studying.
They later, start preparing.
Preparing to meet the NIGHT FOX.
For Danny's gang, he had a plot.
Agreeing to pay off their debt.
If they stole a very important gift.
Gift from his rival LeMARC.
Danny's gang plays a huge part.
Danny and his gang.
Begin to plan to raid.
To raid Lahiri's mansion.
But one member mentions.
Mention that the gang's on the way.
So she meets them along the way.
Stopping their first attempt.
So they learn from the first attempt.
They try doing it again.
But this time, they're extradited.
Extradited to the United States.
The FBI first interrogates.
Interrogate one of those in the gang.
They then find out that the gang.
Was released by Linus mother.
Lahiri is his mom.
Linus kept them from doing the Job.
But it did not really work.
LeMarc got to them first.
Danny knew LeMarc was the rival.
Nightfox wanted to get back at him.
But Danny's gang played him.

George Clooney
Danny Ocean
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Isabel Lahari
Vincent Cassel

Oceans 13

WILLY BANK is a businessman.
But he's also a con man.
Who conned his former partner.
To make him the owner.
The owner of a hotel-casino.
They built the casino.
His partner becomes bedridden.
Forcing him to make a decision.
Meanwhile, Danny Owens offers.
Banks a chance to cover.
Cover it up and Set things right.
His history may help to make it right.
He gathers his partners in crime.
Plans to Ruin bank at the right time.
First, they present the Bank.
From winning a prestigious rank.
Hotels in the past have gotten it.
They obtain over $500 million.
Forcing bank to cede control.
So that the earnings do not grow.
They then trick Bank into Carrying.
A cell phone that's disrupting.
Disrupting the money from keep coming.
Oceans team start drilling.
The drill is so big it stimulates.
It stimulates an earthquake.
Underneath the hotel.
Opening night will fail.
The gamblers will leave their earnings.
Because they will be running.
Running out of the building.
Before it starts collapsing.
Bank barely agrees.
While Danny's team continue drilling.
But the drill breaks.
They know that the earthquake.
Will soon stop.
So he begins to shop.
Shopping for another drill.
Then Benedict buys them another drill.
His grudge against Bank is too big.
The FBI's informed that machines are rigged.
So they have them all replaced.
Oceans team finds it's way.
To gain access to the display.
& switch the diamonds with fakes.
Bank's assistant finds out.
The FBI takes Linus out.
But it's all apart of the plan.
They stimulate an earthquake again.
Ruining Banks because all must leave.
& his diamonds are in the hands of thieves.
Ocean says he did all for Reuben.
Bank lost all, including his connections.
His own corrupt activities.
Complicates him going to the police.

George Clooney
Danny Ocean
Elliot Gould
Reuben Tishkoff
Al Pachino
Willy Bank

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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