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10 Small Poems of Faith

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


I’ve been busy so it‘s been a while since I wrote any poems. I thought it was time to write a few. All of these poems are faith based poems each inspired by something I‘ve read or heard somewhere. I hope you enjoy the poems. Until next time stay faithful.

I Choose Joy

I choose joy

I choose joy

Joy, joy, joy

Down in my heart


Cause when I feel

Joy, joy, joy

Down in my heart

It takes my cares


It’s hard to feel sad

When you heart knows joy

It’s hard to feel bad

When you feel the

Joy, joy, joy

Deep down in your heart

What It’s About


I sit and wonder

I think

I ponder

What it’s all about

Should I roll or

Should I doubt

I mean

Why am I here?


Not over there

Why do I walk

The path I bother

This one and

Not the other

The dreams I had

Fluttered away

Little by little

Day by day

But in reflection

My course was set

My steps were laid

On this path I tread

By God on high

Based on preset plans

To save me the wayward man

Man in the Mirror

I look at the man

The man in the mirror

Wonder where

The man I see

Came from

Came to be

The man I see now

Is not the man

The man I saw then

Way back when

No the man in the mirror

Is a changed man

A wiser man

But still without

An older man

Who still had doubts

A man who grown

But still needs to grow

A man who knows God


I am this man

The man in the mirror


Once born a sinner

Lost in my own trespass

Walking a long lonely path

I knew would never last

Till one day, heard a voice

Whisper in my soul

Come to me, come to me

I will make you whole

I bent my knees

Tears streaked my face

Called out to the Lord

I need your saving grace

Saving grace

Now reborn I walk a road

Till one day I’m called

To come home, to come home

A Wasted Life

Lived my life

Running the race

Trying my best

To win, show or place

Day after day

Labored for the fruits

Which wither away

As bad fruits tend to do

Wasted life

Wasted life

I’m living a wasted life

Then came the day

My life changed

What was important

Became rearranged

Now my race is run

So I may complete

The plan God has

For me, for me


Most of my poems of faith a quick little poems which pop in my head. I jot them down and give them to you mostly unrefined and unedited. I do this because I want my poems to be just like our lives always moving forward with No time for editing.

The Golden Years

You run your race

You live your life

Getting through the days

Just trying to survive

Till you teach your

Golden years

Golden years

Problem is,

The golden years

Aren’t always so golden

Somedays you fret and fear

About the days to come

About the coming years

How long you’ll live on

How long your walk will be

Till the day

When you’re called home

When you’re called home


Have I been faithful

Have I been faithful

Have I been faithful

To you

I want to say yes

But in my heart

I know it’s not true

There are days I waver

There are days I fall

There are days I feel

My faith has hit a wall

Still I walk on and on

Knowing you’re still there

Watching over my ways

Just waiting for me

To call on you, on you

Fix Me

Lord fix me, fix me

I feel so broken down

In need of some repairs

Lord fix me, fix me

Fix my broken heart

Heal my war torn soul

Lord fix me, fix me

Help me to know

Though weary and battered

With you I can battle on

Lord fix me, fix me

Just Because

Just because

You have a vision

Doesn't mean you truly have vision

Cause your eyes only see

Just ahead

The rest of the road is still

A mystery

Around the bend could cone

Good or bad

Maybe joyous or sad

In the end

A vision will carry you

Only so, so far

But you still

Should try to reach for

All the stars

The Voice

Through the noise

I hear Him

Again, the voice

Not speaking

But guiding

Me in His Way

His soft voice


In whispered tones

About the truth

Saying follow

Come follow

His soft voice I hear

His unending breath

Calls me to live

Leads me to rest

Through the noise

I hear Him

I hear Him

Soft but clear

© 2022 Timothy Whitt