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10 Sad Love Poems for Rainy Days

Teodora is a bilingual writer. She is the author of two books, a poetry volume and a collection of short stories.


Healing Your Broken Heart With Poetry

Sometimes, when it’s raining, our broken heart feels a bit lighter. It’s as though the sky was crying for us, washing away our pain. We, writers, often find comfort in poetry. And what is poetry? A few well-crafted lines waltzing together across the intricate corridors of our mind... Words standing next to each other in a unique manner, like children playing a secret game.

I, like many of you, have been broken-hearted. I discovered that writing poems can be therapeutic. In my darkest times, I went back to them. As it turned out, all those tears that had been building up inside of me were finally released. The magic of words never ceases to amaze me.

Here are 10 sad love poems that I wrote inspired by some of my deepest emotions:

1. The Man Who Did Not Stay

Autumn is rising

from the ashes of our summer romance.

I pick up the shadows of your steps

and place them on my pillow

just to hear you leave one more time.


2. Familiar

Our first kiss clung to my lips and wouldn’t let go

no matter how hard I tried to shake it off.

And how about that bruise I got after the truth of our inadequacies hit me,

our shadows fighting on a wall next to a photo of my parents’ wedding day,

and the grin that nestled in your face

upon becoming aware of time’s inability to revive passion?

So familiar...

Like the crease in your forehead when you caught a glimpse of the future

hiding in a corner of my eye

and our laughter the day we missed the bus on purpose

so that we could invent new ways to be happy on a Sunday afternoon;

my back arching as our bodies became a totem of faces, quivers and limbs

and the sound of the door closing after you remembered

there was somewhere else you would rather be.

So familiar...

3. Evanescence

When the light of regret dawns on me

I will take shelter behind the shadows of your kiss

tucked between the idea of you and my former innocence

holding my breath

so as to avoid drawing in the past.


4. Improbable Lovers

I put my arms around you

you crumble like a ghost

ghost of vain illusions

illusions which you host.

You kiss my naked shadow

shadow of a dream

dream of twining fingers

fingers that redeem.

There’s so much, yet so little

little did we know

know of love and longing

longing, letting go...

5. It Was Late When I Dreamt About Your Return

I stole your footsteps when you closed the door behind you

I made a map out of them;

with it, I found my way to you

at the crossroads between no and maybe.

On your eyelashes sleep snuggles like a cat.

Sometimes I pinch you by the thinnest dream

you shudder...

I call you - from between my lips black butterflies fly off.

You want to hug me with two paper arms

but your body trickles through my fingers.

How sad, says the voice that should have been mine.

You wake up and you wonder whether

you have left a door open.


6. Not Drowning, but Waving

I dreamt I was a mermaid

I’d lost my tail in the depths of the ocean.

I was half the girl I used to be

but I knew he was listening Above

whispering my name like a Tibetan monk

his feet sunk in the sand,

his cheeks – two thirsty deserts.

If only I had my beautiful tail

I could swim back to him

to the shore

we’d metamorphose into a totem

made of fish, limbs and spirit

intertwined at the crossroads between death and rebirth

defying individuality with an embrace.

I wasn’t drowning but waving

until my hand turned to foam

and I became as deep as the ocean.

We met


on a scorching summer day

when he kissed my waves.

7. Fatal Fling

Luscious laughter
always after
kindly kisses.

Hardly here
never near
moody mistress.


8. Soleless

I wish to undesire you.

If I were to unwish my desire

I’d fall so deeply in love with you

that the depth of my fall

would dig an abyss in my soul

you’d trample my innocence


9. Silence

I’m knitting a scarf from your silence

Maybe if I wrap it around your neck

your unspoken words will crawl up to my lips

and make their escape.

10. Unanswered

My questions flew towards you

like stranded seagulls looking for a shore to call home

but they never came back

never made love to your answers as I’d hoped

never gave birth to a new meaning of life.

Our destinies almost touched

when your galaxy decided to lend me a star

to guide me on my journey.

I put it in a pocket next to my heart

then reached for another one.

Too bad, you murmured (or so I thought)

then migrated to another universe.

When you left it suddenly fell dark

somewhere in my chest.

© 2021 Teodora Gheorghe

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