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10:00 PM

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Writing is my way of expressing thoughts positively. And through this platform, I am able to share with you my simple creation.

ExPressed Poetry - 10:00 PM

ExPressed Poetry - 10:00 PM

I live in a small City
Whereat 10-PM the streets are empty
No more loud noises from trucks and cars
And engine rumbles
From misguided teenagers
Recklessly riding motorcycles
At 10-PM
I’m surrounded by silence

And on this moment of peace
I sat down at the porch
Lounging in a rocking chair
As if I’m 70-years old

Though its time to sleep
I’m with my favorite drink
1-teaspoon of coffee
2-for creamer
And 3 for sugar
I like it a bit sweeter at night
Just enough to keep me awake
Until midnight

I love the silence of the late evening
The air is colder
But her chills are never numbing
And if I were to guess
Its 5 degrees lower
Than 30

At 10-PM
The stars are brighter
As the skies turn darker
The absence of light
Makes me ponder
What’s the purpose of my existence
What’s the meaning of my life
I suddenly recall questions
Questions difficult to answer
And maybe their answers are hard to understand
All of these
Occupies the space of mind
As the clock strikes 10-PM

Then I close my eyes
I let my imagination fly
Taking the memory
Of the warm breath of coffee
As I drift away
To the comforts of constructed realities
Inside my head
Where my existence is significant
Where there is no pain
No resentment
Where there’s acceptance
And I’m accepted

All of us are hiding from something
And I’m no different
Some do it frequent
While me
It usually begins at 10-PM

© 2021 Erl Sua

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