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10 Letters

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Twenty six letters in the alphabet, ill write your name

Yesterday, was everything still the same?

Met you in a light blue sky

But all the questions are why?

You forget about me

Maybe there’s a time we can meet and see

No greet, no type, no reply

I hope you’re just shy

Where do i start to spell out your name?

Until the 26 letters fade and no name to claim

I’ve lost the ink for the letters to write

Papers are clear no trace of black, only blank white

I wrote this in a red ink

We’re done let that word sink

Wrote something about you in the past

You liked it and it will be the last

Start with 10 letters

Cut you off to be better

You’re amazed coz i tell stories in every stanza that I write

Maybe drop off your name in one of my lines.

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